Happy New Week!! To All Young People, Makinde Has A Word For You All (READ)

Hello Guys,


Happy New Week to everyone… May this week be an Awesome one for us all

In the quest to become a better person (Financially), people will compare you to another person as to know “Who’s Richer/Better between you and others“.

That’s how some people compared me to Linda Ikeji when I just started Naijaloaded and even now self   Person wey fit University the same year I left Secondary school  People are wicked!

Some people are even so senseless that they will even announce the other person’s new/latest achievements to you. The truth is, they are actually telling you to make you feel unhappy, less of yourself & challenged!

If this happens, 99.9% of us will feel less of ourself. People will push you into an unhealthy competition so you can spend the money you don’t have or have but want to spend on something better. Bros, don’t fall for this, it might ruin your happiness.

To some, being compared might be a Motivation for them but deep down, it’s actually a race that leads to foolish competition which might resulted into doing some shitty things.

For me (Makinde), people have done the same to me. They even compared me to a Yahoo boys most times. Why compare people who do different job to each other?

Yahoo boy wey fit hammer Billions of Dollars tomorrow morning but the truth remains, God dey show me self love big time and that’s the principal thing here. Alihamdullilah!

I don’t allow the Comparison to put me into being Sad or push me to competing with others because this formula works fine for me 

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This works for me

No one can mount any stupid pressure on me. Make person no go run for motor go jam bicycle

If you get money pass me, Alaye Goodluck!!! My own self better  and it will keep increasing by the grace of God

Thank you all for reading this piece.

Do have an amazing new week.


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