LET’s TALK!! The Igbos Are Their Own Problem, Why Are They Hating On Peter Obi For VP?

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Propaganda don start again among the Igbo’s oooooo. Do they really need to do this at this time? No doubt, they are their own problem.

Some months ago, we published this post on Naijaloaded » 5 Reasons Igbo May Never Rule Nigeria – Do You Agree?

One of our points why Igbo can never rule Nigeria is this – Failing To Speak With One Voice and sadly after just 2 months of posting this, it’s already happening again 

After the post was published on Naijaloaded, we got some backlashes from our Igbo users but some of them also agreed with us saying “Igbo’s beef themselves too much and would do anything to bring down their brother politically“.


The whole of Nigeria shakes when Abubakar Atiku announced Peter Obi as his running mate, even the ruling party APC knew they are in trouble come 2019.

However, it seems there is a very big problem on ground and it’s the Igbo Leaders.

The Igbo leaders are against Atiku for not consulting them before choose Peter Obi as his running mate in the coming election.. Can you imagine that? 

Instead of them to give Atiku & Obi all the support they would be needing so they can emerge victorious in the coming election to give the Igbo race a chance again.

This is something the Hausa’s won’t do. If you like put an Hausa Goat up for a Position, they will all vote blindly for their own person.

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From all Indications, I think Greed, Beef and lack of Understanding is what is holding down the Igbo’s from clinching the Presidential seat of Nigeria all these while.

No Doubt, Igbos Are Their Own Problem Politically In Nigeria!

What do you all have to say about this?

Let’s hear from you all.

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