NL STORY!!! “Love Knows No Bound” How My Maths Teacher Finally Disvirgined Me [THE END]



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[Episode Finale]

Months passed still nothing from Mr Williams. I was so scared and I even thought of the worse. I thought Mr Williams was dead.

No message, no calls, no social media presence. I was wondering what I did to deserve what he did but I couldn’t find any answer. I was broken.

I didn’t even know how I managed to write my papers but seems those were his last words to me and he might be dead, I managed to fulfill his wishes.

When Mummy noticed I wasn’t myself, she tried contacting Mr Williams‘ aunt who helped her during her accident some time ago, but her number wasn’t reachable.

Mummy even went to her house, but she was told she reallocated to the United States with her family. Which means, there was no point of contact for I and Mr Williams.

I carried on with the thought of him being dead.

Although I felt that way, but somehow on my graduation day, I still wanted someone to walk in the entrance of my school and say to me:

“Kunbi I’m sorry, I’m back now”.

The miracle I was expecting on my graduation day didn’t happen and I knew then that Mr Williams was never coming back.

I gained admission into a prestigious university. It was a private university though as Mummy didn’t want me to deal with the issues of strike and the rest.

Even while I was going to my university, I held on to the necklace Mr Williams gave me, with the hope that one day, the story will change for good.

Back at school,I was a student of mass communication. It wasn’t an easy ride for me as I didn’t have any friend as everyone often felt I was a snub. I barely even know the name of my course-mates.

My life at school was a boring and lonely one. Although guys made advances at me, but I never gave anyone a chance. I held on to the words of Mr Williams when he said he was going to be back.

Although I haven’t heard from him at all in a long while and I felt he was dead but somehow, I felt the necklace meant something. I wore the necklace around my neck all the time.

I met Joba when I was in 2 level. The thought of him makes me smile and to be honest, he’s the kind of man I can settle down with.

I gave Joba a tough time but he stood by me still. He didn’t leave even after I embarrassed him in public. Even after I poured sachet of water on him.

Joba was a year ahead of me in school but he studied the same course with me. He wasn’t really fine but everyone loved him. He was known for his intelligence and leadership skills. He has been disturbing me since I was in 1 level but I didn’t even give him any chance at all.

We became best friends in 3 level. That day was a day I would never forget. I was in the library when Shade called me. I forgot to mention that Shade now stays at the united state. She’s studying law in one of the universities there. She’s the only one who still checks up on me.

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“Kunbi, you won’t believe what I just saw now,”she said to me.

“What is it Shade? I’m not cut out for your silly jokes today. I’m busy,” I said to her.

“Farabale jare ( calm down)” she said to me.

“Kunbi this thing I’m about to tell you might break you even more. I don’t know if I should say it or not but I really want to tell you so that you can move on.”

At this point, I was getting really angry and impatient and I couldn’t wait for her to stop being silly

“Spill Shade, “ I shouted.

“Okay sorry,” she said calmly.

“Uhhhhmmm Kunbi, look love is mostly complicated atimes but that doesn’t mean we should give up on love”

“Shut up Shade, talk ha!” I yelled at her.

“Okay, sweetheart, I saw Mr Williams today” she said.

I was shocked, happy, sad, confuse, and excited. I began to scream saying:

“where did you see him? How did you see him? Is he okay? Did he recognize you? Did he ask you to give me his number? Did he say he missed me ? Did he say anything about me? Did he mention why he left?” I asked all that feeling anxious.

Shade was quiet all through the time I was asking these questions. She became really calm with me and she was about talking when I said:

“Shade don’t just be quiet. Girl start talking”

“Kunbi,” she called out.

“Yes Shade” I answered.

“Mr Williams is not dead. I saw him yesterday. He’s married with two kids” she said.

I grew silent and my heart skipped 2 times over

Tears dropped from my eyes as my phone slipped for me. It felt like I was paralyzed as my legs couldn’t find their way to a safe ground. I had forgotten I was in public when I began to shout

“Nooooooo t-hi-s can’t be haapppening to me”

Everyone turned to look at me. Some people even moved closer to get a clearer view of me. I was immediately covered by a tall guy whose smell filled my nose.

I didn’t even care to know who it was as I embraced the person and I cried harder. The person took me away from the crowed that had formed when I shouted and took me to a car.

He drove off even while I was still sobbing. We got to the school stadium and the car came to an halt. The school stadium was usually quite and that day was not different too.

The person handed me a handkerchief to wipe my tears. I looked up at the hands giving me the handkerchief, I still couldn’t get who it was as I tried looking at his face. I realized it was Joba and I cried harder than I was crying before.

That was because I felt bad that the person I’ve maltreated is now the one helping me. He gave me hug and patted my back gently saying “it’s all going to be fine”’ in a soothing and calm voice.

I stopped crying after a while. I turned to look at Joba but I was kind of ashamed

“Hey, I think you should get food to eat and drugs too. You must be having a terrible headache right now.” He said calmly to me.

“You won’t even asked me what was wrong?” I asked with my almost cracked voice.

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“Not now dear. You’re a obviously hurting and bothering you with that won’t help the situation. But if you want to talk about it, I’m all ears” he said smiling, revealing his perfect dentition.

I was amazed at his level of maturity and understanding

“I want to talk about it,” I said calmly.

I began to tell him all that transpired between Mr Williams and I. I left no stone untouched as I even told him how I gave my virginity to Mr Williams.

He listened to me calmly until I was done. I was about sobbing again when he said

“You don’t need to cry. Everything happens for reason. What if you married him and something bad happens to either of you, won’t the pain be worse than what you’re feeling now?

In all situations, you should always thank God because he knows best.” He said.

I felt what he said in my heart as no one as ever talked about God to me like that

I pulled him in a for a hug and somehow I found comfort in him.

Although, it wasn’t easy at first but I and Joba have been best friends since then. I know he has something for me but I’m not sure I’m ready for another relationship.

I want to be sure of what I feel for him I don’t want him to be a kind of rebound for me. But I told him we could take things slow. And ever since then, Joba has been amazing.

He made me a different person. Through him, I made lots of friends in school. I even socialize now without feeling some type of way. I stopped getting temperamental. Above all, I became closer to God.

He graduated a year before me. I was scared at first because I thought he was going to leave too. But he didn’t. In fact, he’d be attending my graduation party tomorrow.

Yes you heard right,I’m graduating with second class upper. I’m so excited most importantly because I’m going to see Joba, I’ve missed him.

Even though we talk and video call everyday and we see when I’m on holidays I still miss him each time. I think I’m in love with Joba

[Graduation Day]

Happiness filled my heart as I woke up that morning. I knelt down to pray and I couldn’t help but cry. I thought of how my life has been and how Mummy trained me up until this moment.

I was grateful I have a mother like her. I and Mummy are close no doubt about that but she didn’t know that I went through a lot these past years.

I couldn’t tell her about Mr Williams because I was so scared. Even though a part of me thinks she knows.

I sighted Joba under the tent with other group of people from my family.

Life is so funny. Where were these people when Mummy had to struggle for me? O ma se o! People will only support you when the going is good, I thought to myself.

I rushed to meet my mum and I pulled her in for a hug she smiled and I could sense that she was happy and she was also proud of me. I exchanged greetings with everyone. I was about going to exchange pleasantries with Joba when I heard;

“Congratulations Adekunbi”

The voice sounded familiar. It couldn’t be Mr Williams though because he’s in America with his family I thought to myself.

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I turned back to the direction the voice came from and it was indeed Mr Williams.

Sweat covered me up as I didn’t know how to react. I was angry that I felt like throwing something at him but Joba will be mad at me if I do. But I was also happy that I could see his beautiful face again.

He greeted my mum, and she hugged him.


“Ha Omotayo! it’s been a long time”

Joba looked confuse but he was still smiling at me

Mr Williams Came to me and said:

“Can we talk privately?”

I looked at Joba and he signaled to me that I could go.

Of course he didn’t know it was Mr Williams.

I was quiet all along even when we got into his car. I had lot of things to say. I wanted to shout on top of my voice. As if he was reading my mind he began to talk.

“I know you’re mad at me and you have every reason to. I was a coward and I acted in a very bad manner. But trust me, I did it for you. I wanted you to concentrate on your studies that was why I acted that way. I didn’t want to be a distraction”

I smiled at his words. I was shocked I wasn’t reacting and I smiled again knowing Joba has taught me a lot. It’s good to know someone can have so much positive impact in my life.

“How’s your wife?” I asked calmly smiling at him like I wasn’t affected at all.

My question took him by surprise

As he said:

“Kunbi, I can explain” he said trying to protest.

“No need for that Mr Willimas” I said.

“I hope your children are healthy too?” I asked calmly.

He was shocked and dumbfounded obviously surprised of how I got to know.

I was about stepping out of the car when he said

“I’m divorced Kunbi, it happened early this year.” He said.

“I didn’t get my married out of my own will. It just had to happened. Just give me a chance to explain.

Please Kunbi, give me another chance. I just want to write my wrongs. I’m sorry”

Although I was angry but something in me believed him. Something in me wants to go back to him. Something in me has forgiven him. At that moment, I became confuse.

I could wipe the tears in Mr Williams eyes and tell him I understand so that we can start up from where we stopped or I could go back to Joba and start a new and fresh life. After all, Joba made me who I am today.

If it was you, what would you have done ?

The End!!

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