“Sex Is Causing Problems In My Marriage, Help Me Save My Marriage”


I married my wife 2 years ago, it was all rossy till last year when she had a family issue which was very fatal, we solved it half way so the issues still lingers and bothers her anyway.

Early this year i started noticing lack of sexual urge for me, i practically have to beg her or rather ask for sex was thinking it might be the family issues she was facing, am very faithful to a fault, the issues has lingered on for long now that i have to engage sexual lubricant in other to have sex with her as she is never Hot or sexually stimulated, doesn’t miss me or even initiate any form of sexual act with me, does not ask for sex, even during any sex i succeed to imitate she never acts intrested, i just have to stroke till am tired and pull out, she just lay like a dead wood with little or no moan.

This was a lady who was actually always demanding we make love.

I have discussed with her on this issues alot and what seems to be the problem is giving head, when i meet my wife i was very conscious of our sexual orientations as at then MouthAction was something we both agreed to wave off because she complains my dick shocks her and myself never enjoy giving head.

The whole pre intimacy was boiled down to kissing, smooching and fingering which was what normally excites her the most.

She later confessed to me that her female friend talk her into how exciting receiving head seems and after i tried it once she now needs to receive head before she can get Hot, have seen lots of her searched histroy are on lesbian pussy sucking, just last month we both ended up treating an STD she gave me, the last time i tried giving her head she told me i wasn’t doing it well, i was lost in thoughts because this was my second time giving her head and i improved as compared to the first time.

Am worried over all these because am begining to think she is cheating on me, the worst nightmare to me is being that any attempt to touch her down there is being resisted and she always says fingering now pains her, it’s either i give her head or nothing, i haven’t gotten much evidence as to her sleeping around because i haven’t done much scoping on her.

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Am just confused as i type this because i need clarity and opinions on these how possible can a lady sexual preferences change this fast , if she is actually cheating already is there any good way to find out am just confused.

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