NC SEX TALK!! Which Of These Sex Style Is The Best For This Rainy Season??

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Posted By Udokabestluv On July 26th, 2019


Hello Guys,

WARNING:- This is an 18+ post.

If you are not up to 18, please click HERE to open Google but if you are matured enough, but if you are more than 18, you can continue reading 

Good day to you all and hope the rain is not disturbing you too much? 

If you don’t have a babe to help you during this period, I know how you all feel (sorry), No cold on this end sha as my babe is seriously helping me shake it off 

In case you missed the last Sex talk post I published some weeks back, you can check it out below 

18+ Only! Spit or Water – Which Do You Prefer Using When She’s Dry During Sex?

You’ve seen it all 

Which Sex Style Do You Think Is The Best For This Raining Period?

Oya, we want to know….

Drop your comments.

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