LETS’S TALK! Is It So Impossible To Forgive A Girlfriend That Cheated? – A Naijaloadite Needs Advice


I know I’m going to receive a lot of bashing here but I don’t mind as I’m looking for solution.

I’ve been following other related topic on Naijaloaded and it seems most men don’t forgive women that cheated on them.

I cheated on my man. This happened over a year ago when the relationship was going through a rough patch.

Actually I didn’t set out to cheat and never planned it.

In fact the person it happened with was a person I was confiding in when I was trying to get solutions to my relationship issues.

This person was my married colleague that I joined to work in his car.

I thought I could get mature advice by telling him. I was weak and emotionally down and on one of such days of crying to him it happened in his car.

It happened like 3 more times because I go to work with him and come back with him.

But I was overcome with guilt (because he was married and for cheating) that I had to stop.

But my mistake was that I didn’t cut him off completely.

I remained cordial friends with him since he is a colleague and I stopped joining his car.

He also moved to another branch. He called occasionally to try his luck but I never gave in.

Somehow my man became suspicious by his calls and one thing led to the other and I had to confess.

My man said he has forgiven but can’t get back together again. I have been following other topics here on Naijaloaded with similar issues and I saw that men find it very hard to forgive a woman that once cheated.

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In this case I’m truly sorry, I have learnt my lessons and I can never make that kind of mistake again.

I don’t love the man in question, I never wanted anything from him apart from advice from the onset, I stopped on my own, I only remained friends because he was my colleague.

I love my man and will do anything to keep him and win his trust back. I’m not a cheat by nature.

I’m heartbroken and filled with guilt and regret. I can’t talk to anyone in my circle for fear of condemnation because I’m wrong in every area.

Please is there any hope for me?

How Do I Go About Winning Him Back?

How Do I Convince Him That I Truly Regret My Actions?

How Do I Help Him Heal?

I Will Be In The Comment Section.

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