See What He Found In His Wife’s Bag After 8 Years Of Marriage

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Posted By Udokabestluv On July 8th, 2020


I have been living a righteous and faithful life before I got married, now that I am married, the whole story changed.

At first, I trusted my wife so much that made me believe every single thing she says, not knowing she is another thing entirely.

I was at home this faithful day, I got a call from my customer that I should come for the money he promised to give me, I quickly went to the bathroom, took a shower, put on a shirt, then I can’t find my wristwatch, during this period, my wife was not at home, I was confused totally, I couldn’t think straight, I had to carry my wife’s bag closer to see if I can find her wristwatch.

While I was searching her bag, I saw a small nylon, I opened it and found an inhaler, I was shocked and I thought maybe it’s not for her, not until I found a hospital report in an envelope, my wife’s full name was written on this letter, and the doctor reported that she shouldn’t miss any of her drugs, advised her to do away from taking cold drinks and to keep the inhaler close to herself anywhere she goes.


I started thinking, I began to ask myself various questions; is my wife an asthmatic patient? How could she hide such a secret from me after 8 years in marriage, or am I dreaming?

Readers, I need your advice and opinion, is that kind of woman a good housewife?

Can I trust her even with my life, please do not hesitate to advise me, thank you for reading.

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