Only God could have done this! Only my wife had a- non surgery delivery…


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I bless You, Oh Lord of Heaven and earth for Your help to me and my family.

The Strength of Israel strengthened me to pray in the night about one and a half months to the delivery of our third child.I was before then , not used to holding personal vigil.

However that night which happened to be the first night ever to do vigil on my own, I  got up and went to ease myself, then to sleep back was a problem. It was unusual for me.I felt I heard the voice in my heart to be praying.

That was how I found myself praying and thanking God for all HE had and still has been doing for me and my young family. For more than one hour, my mind, my heart and my body together was praying.

I thought it was only going to be for that night, but the power came upon me mightily that for the next forty days I would be awaken from sleep to do the now – few hours night  prayers.

Surprisingly, I was getting used to it. At least, I would go two hours or more.At the initial stage, my heavily pregnant wife wondered why the sudden prayer life. She had to ask me if some prophets had ordered  the prayer sessions. I told her , No. Just being helped by God.She too would join me to say Amen for some minutes before sleeping back.

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Now, I realized that the Lord was helping me to pray to avert problems.I look back now and I cannot thank God enough.Our house was far from the hospital my wife was using for anti-natal and delivery sessions. This was because we just moved to a new place, a new site.

My wife just complained of fever on a Tuesday morning and  before we  got ourselves ready, it was in the afternoon we then reached the hospital.

The miracle working God ordered our feet. It was in the night  my wife put to bed a baby bouncing boy.  By 5am on Wednesday I was informed of it.And it was in that night that I could not pray because of taking care of the house and the children in her absence .I slept at 12am. I woke up some minutes to 5am, regretting why I slept late and not wake up to do the usual praying exercise. Just then the phone rang for me to receive the news.

You will be wondering what was so special in all that, as some people did not do much praying and were successfully delivered of their babies.I want to say, My case was  and is different.

At that hospital, strange things happened two weeks before my wife went there to treat  her feverish conditions that resulted in her having her baby ; and it extended to the third day she left the place.What was it? All those who came before her two weeks earlier and three  days after, that is , on Thursday she was discharged, were  all operated upon.Only my wife had a- non surgery delivery.

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They were still there narrating their own experiences, telling her she was fortunate.Where would I have got the fee for surgery ?How would I have been shuttling between the house and the far away hospital? How would I have been able to cope taking care of  4year old and 2year old boys?

The only night I was left to do it  was when their mother was in the hospital, I knew when I went to bed to sleep.

Besides, I thought  now of the hazards of her going into labour in the night if she was still in the house. I have only a bicycle and living in our own little house in a new site.But God was merciful.HE ordered everything and made all things  beautiful.HE enabled us not to incur any debt on the delivery of this child.

I dedicate the boy to Him Who made his birth easy in all ramifications.

To God alone be all the glory.

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