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Posted By Udokabestluv On December 25th, 2020

Today it is all about me. Yes, it is My Birthday and I will be selfish for just this one day and focus on me.

Happy Birthday to the most awesome person alive. That happens to be me! As I blow the candles, I am happy for the opportunity of seeing another year.

Happy Birthday to me, awesome, cool, smart and beautiful. I celebrate me because I am special

I am blessed to be alive today. It is my special day and I celebrate myself and pray for good health and a longer life. Happy Birthday to me.

I survived another year! Cheers! I am grateful for being alive to celebrate me. Happy Birthday to me.

I wish myself prosperity, happiness and joy. As I celebrate my Birthday, may the day be filled with blessings. Happy Birthday to me.

NaijaCoverite’s, Wish Me Well, Today Is Udokabestluv, Birthday.
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