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Posted By Udokabestluv On July 27th, 2021


Norland industrial group introduced wisdom of health, that improve life, with his Chinese traditional medicine that helps in human cell and organ regeneration, detoxification and rejuvenation.

The new science has been endorsed by several health agency like who, American FSA, Nafdac, iso, gmp etc, founded in 2008 by a surgeon an a regenerative scientist, 100% natural with no side effect came to africar in 2017.

Do You Know That You Can Join Norland Has

1) A Product User
2) A Distributor
3) A An investor

Business Compensation Structure:

1) Member Entry Pack:
50,000 junior member with minimum of 70pvs

2) 87,000 senior member with minimum of 140pvs.

3) 167,000 Bronze member with minimum of 280pvs.

4) 350,000 silver member Good package with minimum of 560pvs.

5) 700,000 Gold member Better Package with minimum of 1120 Pvs.

1,350,000 Best package with minimum of 2240 Pvs.

Please note that norland also made it possible for new members to upgrade within 60days of their registration.
Pv: point of value, Every product has a point value attached to it, and the higher your Pv, the higher your payout and the better and faster the business grow. (It is a Business of PVS)

Advancement Bonus, (Fast Start Bonus)
As a senior member, when you personally sponsored two person (left and right) you get 28,000, plus free product worth 40,000

Bronze you get 56,000 plus free product worth, 80,000

Silver, You get 112,000 plus free products worth 175,000

Gold, you get 224,000 plus free product worth 350,000

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Diamond, you get 448,000 plus free product worth 675,000 meant for you, can choose products of your choice worth your package, bonus payment for 1 two layers (Placement Tree) 50% 2 layer bonus 50% product voucher (Sponsored Tree) 20% purchase value of the product.


For More Information About Norland Company

Call Or Whatsapp +2348103186708


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