I Need A Professional Snail Eater – Dayo Amusa Starts Controversy


Dayo Amusa, Nollywood Yoruba actress and Entrepreneur, has today shared a controversial post her verified Instagram page.

On her post, the actress asked why some ladies are jealous of her and wondered if its cause her private part is sweeter than theirs.

The actress wrote: “Why are some ladies beefing? It is my fault that my snail is sweeter than yours?

“Attention, attention please. I need a snail eater. I mean, are you a snail eater? Yes, I said it. I need a snail eater.”

A lot of male fans have stormed the actress page to describe their prowess at granting the actress request.

The actress is known for her controversial opinions on social media.

In 2019, she posted her HIV results online to debunk rumours that she tested positive to the virus.

The singer also opined that women should have sex with whomever they wanted.

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