I didn’t know sleeping with hubby is a marital obligation -Teen wife who killed her husband

A Nigerian teen wife of 18-year-old,  Salman Hassan has been arrested after she allegedly stabbed her husband to death while trying to have sex with her which she claimed that she doesn’t have knowledge of it.


Hassan said she stabbed her husband on the chest because he insisted on sleeping with her on the fateful night.

In her confessional statement at the Police Headquarters, she said “I did not really mean to kill my husband, it was an accident. I stabbed him on the chest because he wanted to have carnal knowledge of me. .

I felt sex was a bad thing, so I objected to his advances. I regret killing my husband I only meant to use the knife to scare him away. I don’t know what will happen to me now.”

Hassan, who said she really love her husband, said she got angry and stabbed Mustapha with a knife when he refused to stop.

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