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Five Reasons Football Is The World’s Favourite Sport


Sports, to most people, is more than just games. It’s a reason to put all our differences aside and come together. And no sport unites people as much as football.

With millions of people tuned in every week to watch their favourite team play across leagues, football is unmatched in both reach and followership.

And for those who want to be part of the game, there are so many resources online including bet9ja bonus 2021 as well as other activities to keep the sports lovers engaged even when there are no matches on.

Being the most popular sport, it calls for the question, why is football the world’s favourite sport? That’s exactly the question we’ll be answering in this article.


Sports could get complicated sometimes, with the rules, regulations and traditions. But with football, a newbie can understand the game in no time.

That’s not to say football doesn’t have its own complexities; however, compared to other sports, it’s just easy to understand and enjoy.

Consistency in the Rules

With some sports, the rules guiding the game changes frequently and athletes, as well as the fans, have to adjust to the new rules, which this could be disruptive.

Even though football is not immune to the changing of rules from time to time, it happens less frequently. Fans of the sport get to enjoy their games with as little disruption as possible.

A valid criticism to this point will be the introduction of VAR to football, but one can argue that the implementation of the Virtual Assistant Referee only helps the implementation of the existing rules rather than changing it.

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Internationally accepted game

Almost every nation in the world plays football which crosses every national divide. Teams from all the nations are highly competitive with each other and thus sports lovers from every country love to see a football game.

The beauty of the Game

Soccer has it in spades. The game is wonderful which shows us that dynamic teamwork can also be stunning like individual aerobatics.

No Physical Size Advantage Require

Apart from the goalkeeper who required a minimum of 6 feet to make it to the top, all men are created equal. Soccer is not like the other sports where the player would never make it on the top without the advantage of height.

Soccer players develop attractive physiques because of the requirement of well-rounded fitness like the game.

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